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I'm a Discord bot developer and server builder.

We’ve started the process of moving away from Patreon for handling our premium subscriptions. There are a few reasons for this, mainly:

For these reasons, we’ve moved to using Chargebee and Stripe for managing our premium subscribers, the same payment setup used by a lot of popular Discord bots such as MEE6 and TriviaBot.

What this means for you

If you would like to keep your premium subscription, we recommend canceling on Patreon and going to our website, logging…

Running and building a successful and active Discord community is a tough job, especially as your server gets bigger.

How can you easily stay on top of moderation tasks without having to find a huge team of trustworthy people to help you? How to keep your Discord members engaged and coming back? How to make your Discord server a fun and inviting place to be? Here are a few of my recommendations of the best Discord bots for 2021 to help you reach your goals and keep your server fun and enjoyable for everyone!

1. PixxieBot

Millionnaires get the coveted castle badge on their PixxieBot profile

Since PixxieBot launched back on February 9th, 2020, she’s received more than 4,300 votes on, placing her in the top 350 most-voted bots of all-time on the website.

All the votes PixxieBot gets are very much appreciated and as a token of our thanks, we’ve been rewarding voters with Pixos, our in-bot currency.

Up until now, Pixos have been rewarded using the following formula:


The problem with this formula, which we’ve recently noticed, is that the rewards quickly get out of hand!

Yes, we saw those ungodly rewards you’ve been getting…

To reward our most loyal…


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